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The 'Detox your life' spread.

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I've always struggled with my weight. I'm a typical Taurus, I love my food too much for my own good. Sadly that love never extended to vegetables and salad. I'm currently on a 30 day detox plan , giving up bread, cheese, milk, cake and lots of other bits and bobs in the name of health and hopefully weight loss too. It had better be worth it *chews fingers madly*

My diet hasn't been the only thing I've felt the need to change recently with my home being 'decluttered' too and even my relationships..well a Facebook friends list purge or two ;) The urge to eliminate anything that doesn't make me happy from my life has been a strong one.

So tonight at the end of Day 3 of my diet challenge, whilst fighting a real hankering for some ice cream, I find myself writing this post and having created this little spread. We all need a good clear out once in a while of things that are no good to us, and it's far from just our bodies we need to nourish well, our spirits and minds need a good diet and the occasional detox too.

1. Something I do that is harming me? - This could be a habit, trait or action that's not in your best interest.

2. My first step to releasing it - Quite self explanatory

3. What will stand in my way? - Obstacles and behaviours to overcome

4. How can I nourish myself through this change? - What you can do to support yourself.

5. Benefits this change will bring me. - Again, self explanatory.

I really hope you find this spread useful if you're considering your own detox and decide to give it a go. Remember to be kind to yourself.


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