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Terms and Ethics

These terms apply to all services purchased from and provided by 'Firerose Tarot' and Sandra Geddes. By purchasing a reading you agree to these terms. 


You must be over 18 to purchase a reading. 

All readings are strictly confidential. Only in circumstances where I am legally obliged to share information from a reading will I do so without your express permission. 

You will be treated without judgement and with respect and empathy regardless of race, gender, orientation or anything else. 

I will never leave you feeling frightened, upset or feeling there is no way forward in your situation. 


Readings are not a substitute for legal, financial or medical advice and should not be viewed as such. 

I do not read on health diagnosis , prognosis or death including mental health and pregnancy. 

I do not place, read to look for, or remove curses. 

I am not medium and cannot contact those who have passed over for you.                                  

My readings are client centred meaning that I will not read on a third party who is not present to consent to the reading. This means questions such as 'What does X think of me?' Your reading will focus on you and what you are able to control rather than the free will, thoughts, or feelings of others. 

I will work with you to phrase your questions to give you the best possible guidance on your situation. 

Email Readings will be sent in an attached PDF within 3 working days of purchase. Where this is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be made aware of this and a full refund offered.

I will offer to reschedule a phone reading once. After this your payment will be default and no refund given.

If you arrange a phone appointment and through not reading these terms have only questions I cannot read on, you will be offered a 50% refund in good faith. 

I reserve the right to decline a reading request at my discretion and may refer a client to another reader if I feel they will be better suited to the clients needs. In this instance a full refund will be given. 

In person appointments require a £10 deposit on booking. This will not be refunded if the session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.  

I will not be held responsible for any decision, action or lack of made by a client after a reading with me. You take full responsibility for the choices and actions which shape and create your future. 


In accordance with UK Law I must state that readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

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