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Tarot and Sexy Time.

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Relationship readings aren't always about romance and flowers. Sometimes the subject at hand is far more.. physical . If you're using the cards to look at your sex life, whether it’s what coming up for you in the bedroom or how you can spice things up, these are some of the cards you may draw and some possible sexy interpretations for them.

Love , Valentines

The Ace of Wands

You don't get much more phallic and suggestive than the Ace of Wands, especially in the RWS version. In this context, this card represents pure sexual energy and passion waiting to be unleashed.

The Devil

The Devil represents our basest desires, addictions and obsessions. In the context of a sex reading that's no different. Be prepared to not leave the bedroom any time soon and go through every fetish and fantasy you've ever head.

The Tower

Prepare to have your world completely rocked and turned upside down when this card appears in your sexy spread. It could also represent angry break up sex, swearing and claws included. I hope the bed is insured..

The Emperor

While this may not seem like a sexy card at first glace, think about the control, rules and boundaries this archetype is so fond of. Add in its connection to the Fire element and well.. Mr Grey will see you now ;) Call him ‘Daddy’.

The Empress

The Empress is ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty and just oozes fierce goddess energy. This is the ultimate expression of divine femininity and exploring what makes us, physical, sexual beings.

We can't talk about the sexy side of the cards without a mention of the Court personalities as lovers. These are my opinions and not meant to imply there is no more to each card.

The Pages.

The four Pages I see as the young teenage lovers, virgins and fumbling first timers. They may be eager, curious and full of potential, but they just don’t have the skill or experience to match it yet. Be gentle with them .

The Knights

These guys and girls are a definite sexual step up from the Pages with a fair bit more practice under their belts.

Mr/Ms Swords will sweep you off your feet with their dazzling conversation skills and then seal the deal with inventive and imaginative bedroom ideas. Be open to the idea of phone sex and naughty text messages coming through at work.

Mr/Ms Wands will charm you with their looks and charisma, but once they get their night with you are hard to pin down and keep from playing the field. You may not get past the one night stand or intense fling stage, but they will be passionate and playful while it lasts.

Mr/Ms Pentacles will likely have the good, steady job and nice car, but when it comes to things in the bed department, they left the receipt for their sex appeal at the library. These type are loyal and trustworthy, but don't expect sparks.

Mr/Ms Cups the sensitive romantic, this lover will wine you, dine you and leave you thirsty for more. Their quest is to please you and fulfil your every desire. You don't even have to tell them what you like, their heightened intuition just knows.

The Kings and Queens

The Kings and Queens are the most experienced lovers, being masters of their elemental traits. All of the potential of the Page energy combines with more patience than a Knight can muster, to blow you away in the bedroom.

They could be an older man/woman, or someone in your own age range. They will rarely represent a younger person in my experience. The type that really steps things up here in my mind, is Pentacles. This King or Queen likes to get down to basic, primal sex and even take it outdoors. They still likely won't be that spontaneous, but food play and luxurious feeling silks and satins, could well be on the menu, The way to an Earth guy or girls heart is through their senses after all.

There are many more cards that have a sexy side of course, what are some of your favourites? Will you be reading on your love life this V-day? You could also pick your favourite sexy card and have a go at channeling its energy into your relationship or even to help you attract the new partner of your dreams.

Have fun and always Tarot safely ;)

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