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Tea and Tarot with.. Mia Alviz

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Tarot, Interview

For my first Tea and Tarot spot of 2018 I chatted with my good friend

and 3 of Cups community co- conspirator, Mia Alviz.

In her own words Mia, is Tarobsessed! It's an easy obsession to acquire mind you.

"Amongst my hobbies I invent words, purchase unholy amounts of Tarot decks and believe it or not, collect Barbie dolls. I started reading Tarot more than ten years ago when I was barely a teenager and I haven't stopped ever since. My approach to Tarot is very direct and practical, I don't focus only in answers but in finding solutions and alternative paths.

I believe in Tarot as a tool for discovery, as well as I believe that we own the power to change our lives if we accept our responsibility rather than shaking our fists at the sky. As a draft into my personal life, I am Spanish, living in Madrid with my life partner and dedicating myself to Tarot. You can learn more about me and my experience at The Sibyl's Tarot "

Hi Mia! Thank you for stopping by, want some cake with your tea or are we going straight to mimosas?

Mimosas, of course? Are all of the questions this easy? Thank you for having me, Sandra!

Well, they may get a little harder *pours drinks*

Growing up in Spain, what inspired you to become a Tarot reader on the international level?

It was the perception of Tarot in this country what made me decide that I did not want anything to do with it on a National level. I understand that Tarot is a difficult profession and we have to fight constantly against many clichés and against the con-artists/scammers fame that surrounds us, the thing is that, in Spain, you basically expect to be conned!

There are plenty of so called readers that you can see coming from far, far away, and the profession is just a joke. Someday, this perception could change, but it is going to be a long and exhausting task, and I am not the right person to inspire and lead that movement. I would rather give myself some advantage by establishing myself as a professional in environments that are a little bit more friendly!

That's got to have been a tough start, I'm glad you chose to stick it out. I must say too that your English is fabulous.

Do you have any unique or unusual uses for Tarot?

Not really for Tarot, but I do use my Lenormand decks as a method of communication with the spirit world for the clarity that it has to offer.

You are hosting a dinner party and can invite any 5 Tarotists, living or dead, who would you choose and why?

I can give you 5 names, but I would rather have 1 wonderful guest than 5 wonderful guests, why? I would probably be sooo excited and anxious to pay proper attention to all 5 and make the experience as enriching as it could be. So my names would be: Christiana Gaudet (I want to be like you when I grow up!!!), Robert Place, Aleister Crowley, and not because I am particularly excited about his work, but because he had to be a man worth seeing in action for sure! Theresa Reed and Carrie Paris.

You'd not invite me? And I thought we were friends! Humph! ;)

If you could only use one deck that you currently own for the rest of your life which would it be?

People are going to hate me because I am so annoying with this deck, but without any doubt, my go-to deck for life would be R. Place's Tarot of Vampires. It is a deck with which I resonate on many levels. I love decks based on literature, and Dracula happens to be one of my favourite novels ever, so it is very easy for me to relate the cards to the story and the characters. Besides, Bram Stoker was a woo-woo man himself, so I believe that there are true hidden gems in the book!

What’s your favourite Tarot related experience to date?

I couldn't choose one. My favourite Tarot experience is being able to make a living out of what I love so dearly and work with it on a daily basis. As well, Tarot has opened the door for me to meet some incredible people and make some friends I wouldn't change for the world. That's probably the biggest gift!

We'd not change you either darling!

The biggest lesson Tarot has taught you is...?

Tarot is a bitch! So far, what I have learnt is that the answer has always been right before my eyes. Sometimes, I would just ignore it, other times, I would make the wrong interpretation, but when I have come back to the reading... Oh dear gods! It was just right there! This has made me value more the kind of information that I get and how I use it. At the end of the day, Tarot does just half of the job. It is your responsibility to use the information wisely!

What projects and plans do you have up your sleeve for us in the future?

I have a deck in mind that I hope sees the light in 2018. It is on very early stages! It is an idea I have had in mind for years but I have just found an artist that is willing to do it and whose style is just what I had in mind. I am writing the companion book that will go with the deck at the moment! It is a project I am very excited about! Besides, I am preparing a book of love and relationship spreads from a pretty unique perspective. Completely focused on improving your single life, yourself as a partner and your relationships!

I will be excited to see your deck for sure. Please do keep me posted on any updates or crowd funding for it. You know I'll but any book you write too. Thank you again for stopping by today Mia, its been a pleasure as always.

Is there someone you'd like me to have over for Taroty gossip? Got a burning question for my next guest?

Email me on or comment below.

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