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Aunty's Agony Corner

Hello! It's been far, far too long since I last posted here. A lot has happened, some good, some awful, which I will share in another post. For now, I wanted to jump straight into this new, fortnightly (weekly if there is enough response) feature! Each post will feature one lovely human's situation they would like advice from the cards on, and my answer. As well offering one person a free reading, it's a great way to share my reading style with you all. If you'd like to have your issue featured, please email me on with your question and some background information. I ask for back ground as I read predominantly from a practical approach rather than a psychic one. Context also gives the cards room too give more useful advice.

So, without further waffle, here's our first post! G says : What do I need to know about when/how I'll own property in the future? We sold our home 10 years ago to live in a rental because there wasn't anything much on the market at the time. We would really like to own again but it seems impossible at times what with mortgage rates etc. Any insights would be great! Me:

*Cards From The Lightseer's Tarot by Chris -Anne Hi 'G'. I'm sorry to hear things have been so tricky for you here. I can imagine it's very frustrating, I've pulled these cards for you. I also checked a 5th on the bottom of the deck which was The Empress. This gives me the feeling that you would you like to expand ....either your family, creative space or both, and just be more comfortable and secure for the future in general now. This I feel, is at the root of why you would like to own your home again.

From the main cards I can see that a lot of consideration and introspection has gone into weighing up the pro's and cons of the possible decision to buy again. It also strikes me visually that each of these cards feature just the one person, although you said 'we'. Have you been taking a lot of this thought process on yourself rather than sharing the load as it were? Is it something you have really spoken about with your partner? I also wonder if you may feel quite isolated where you are now. Are you in a rural area or a way aways from friends and family? I would encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings with those close to you, some support could be good for you in this even though it is just thought stages. The Hermit card is also saying to me 'look at the bigger picture', if that means something to you personally. It does feel like nudge from a guide for you. I feel that you will have more clarity on this whole issue within the next year as the Wheel brings in a new cycle and sees you feeling more in control of what is going around you. You certainly look to be in a much better position to make the changes you'd like than you are perhaps now. I'm being given a 'big' number birthday for you or someone close that will link to the time period for you. Guidance comes from the 5 of Cups and I feel that as difficult as it may be, it could be useful for you to approach this from a more logical and less emotionally led place. I also want to say please don't get disheartened if initial searches show not much availability again, as there will always be more options to come. Be open to compromise on the small details though! I Hope this helps a bit G. Much love, Sandra.

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