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Tea and Tarot with Avril Price

Tarot , Tarot Reading

It's been a little while since I had anyone over for Tarot chat over virtual tea and cake so I invited my friend Avril Price to join me this week. I'd like to make this a weekly series, so let's see how that goes! Got a question you'd like me to ask my next guest? Send it to

In her own words, Avril Price is a senior Tutor at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, London.

She is a Tarot master and teaches Tarot studies to a very high standard at all levels, her aim is to inspire others to develop their inner wisdom through the richness of Tarot symbolism. Avril is passionate about self discovery and her work is geared towards development of the intuition and personal pathworking. She is well known for being down to earth yet has an uplifting and inspiring approach. She has taught Psychic Mediumship for many years and some of her students have gone on to become household names.

Avril is internationally renowned for her commitment to intuitive and integrative studies, she has regularly held development groups in Germany, Finland, Lapland and Istanbul. Her annual signature retreats in Glastonbury and the Mediterranean are also very popular. Avril has been in the media many times including TV and radio and magazines.

Hi Avril! Thanks for joining me today. First things first, what’s your favourite cake ?

That's an easy one! My favourite cake is Mille Feuille, I just love that vanilla cream! There is a bistro near the College which make delicious cakes so every Wednesday is Mille Feuille day, I treat myself to one (sadly only one!) and a big pot of tea!

You describe yourself as a Tarot and Psychic consultant and teach at the College of Psychic studies in London. Which called you first, your psychic gifts or Tarot? Do you feel there is a distinction between the two?

I consider myself to have been a psychic since very young, certainly I was a most perceptive child! I have always had a keen interest in spirituality, alternative religion and intuition/psychic awareness. My early years were peppered with various experiences all of which played their part in me doing what I do.

I started to develop my 'gift' at the College as a Psychic medium and I was trained to work the platform, I taught psychic development for many years....however, I was given my first deck 35 years ago, Tarot found me and was bubbling away in the background until the right time came along for me to work with Tarot more predominantly.

You don't have to be psychic to read the cards, a good knowledge of the symbolism can produce a good reading but I do think that psychic or intuitive abilities can be really useful in a Tarot reading and deepen the whole process making the session so much personal. A sense of spirit in all things helps too!

I agree. Intuition definitely helps a lot. Moving on to a tougher one.. If you could meet and pick the brains of any Tarotist, living or dead, who would you choose?

I had to think about this one. There are so many enlightened Tarotists past and present. I have often thought about an imaginary dinner party with various Tarot luminaries sitting around. However if I was to plump for just one it would be....Oswald Wirth. His deck of 1889 was the forerunner of the now ubiquitous RWS deck. Wirth's book 'Tarot of the magicians' is a fabulous resource and has offered me comfort and inspiration as I have taken my Tarot journey to new levels.

If you could only use one deck that you currently own for the rest of your life which would it be?

I have to say that the Morgan Greer is a firm favourite. I teach with the RWS but the Morgan Greer deck is a wonderful working deck, always ready for action but conversely can be used for meditation and as a writing prompt.

Do you have any unique or unusual uses for Tarot?

Tarot constellation. It's a workshop I sometimes run and it is based on Hellinger's model, Family constellation. It's a group activity where individuals in the group adopt a card that signifies the role they are playing and the Tarot represents archetypal forces at work in the dynamic.

What’s your favourite Tarot related experience?

I have to say that my favourite Tarot experience would be facilitating the Tarot journey in others, it's fantastic observing the growth and expansion of others on lots of different levels. It's a privilege to see someone start from scratch and then start to flourish as a reader but also deepen their spiritual practice and awareness.

The biggest lesson Tarot has taught you is?

Tarot has taught me that there has to be balance in all things. There is no good energy or bad energy just energy and the best way to deal with insurmountable difficulties and uncertainties is to be true to yourself and walk the middle path.

Avril, it's been lovely talking to you as always!

Have a wonderful weekend all,


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