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What's your Super Power? Tarot spread

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I live in a house of geeks. My husband and son are both huge fans of Star Wars, Game of Thrones ( I'm with them there!) and anything super hero related. I do enjoy a good bit of Marvel action myself. As usual for the Summer months, the hero movies have started to appear in the cinemas. The big talk at the moment is of course Wonder Woman, but we cant forget the host of others upcoming from Justice League and Spider-Man to Thor 3..or is it 4? ;)

With these movies on my mind, I created this little spread to see what is 'your' super power, your gift to the world. We all have one and need to learn to use it wisely, after all great power does come with great responsibility!

1- Power - Your gift to the world, ( a strength,skill or talent).

2- Kryptonite - Your weakness.

3 - Friend - Something that supports you in using and sharing your gift.

4 - Foe - Something that hinders you in using and sharing your gift.

5 - Weapon - How you can best use your gift for good.

I'd love to hear how you get on with this spread if you try it. And remember, no capes!


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