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Cake, friendship and the 4 of Pentacles

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When you think of a card or cards to represent friendship, I would take a good guess at the 3 of Cups being quite high on the list, if not the first card that comes to mind. While the number 3 is undoubtedly social as it expands from the 2's to envelope and embrace those around us, is it as supportive as say, a 4?

I found myself thinking about this recently and more specifically of the 4 of Pentacles. I am blessed with some wonderful friends. I had been planning an Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea/garden party for my recent birthday for quite some time as I am a huge Alice fan. My friend had very kindly offered the use of her garden and larger house for the event. Unfortunately, the evening before the party she took ill and we had to have a very last minute venue change.

I have a small ground floor flat with some grass out the front and was expecting in the region of 30 people including children. With the amazing support I had though we managed to pull it off and had a great time. All cleaning, furniture moving , decorating and cooking was done in a few hours. I felt truly blessed to have the friends I do. The point of this little story is that it got me thinking about what makes a friend and how that translates to Tarot.

My close friends and I, we're not that exciting anymore. We don't go out partying every weekend. We're in bed by 10pm or so and can't have more than a couple of drinks without a 2 or even 3 day hangover. We do coffee mornings and lunches, share pictures of our children and grandchildren. There is so much more to a friend though than the social side and celebration you might connect with circles of friends.

For me, my friends and others I hold dear such as certain family members are my foundation. They are the building blocks I build my security on, my anchors. They are there through any weather and we have seen each other through the worst and best times in our lives from first boyfriends to childbirth and the loss of parents. We have laughed , cried and yelled at each other. When I try to relate this loyalty, support and solidity to a card, it has to be the 4 of Pentacles. Real friends are treasures to kept guarded close to our hearts. They are steady and constant.

What card or cards mean friendship to you?


Before I go, here's a gratuitous birthday cake piccy, just because I can.

Speak soon,


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