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Free week ahead reading 12-19th April

I'm a day late this week guys, so sorry! We've been having some warm weather here in the UK and a high pollen count. My asthma wasn't very happy about this and gave me a few days of trouble. I'm back now though and the lungs are on orders to behave!

"Anger is a prelude to courage" - Eric Hoffer

I drew 'Anger as My Sacred Ally'. The short affirmation on this card reads'I listen to the messages within my anger and use it as positive force for good'. For this card to come up for the next sevens days' 'theme' or message to carry with you, makes me think we're going to be seeing some anger crop up and some challenging energy or situations is likely. This makes sense with Mercury and Venus both in retrograde and throwing us a little off course.

This card asks us to embrace our anger as a helpful friend, a gift, rather than a purely negative emotion to be repressed. We can allow it burn away what no longer serves us and open blocks to healing when we learn from it instead.

Before you choose your card from the 3 below, stop for a moment and think about where you might need to use this cards message this week and generally in your life at the moment.

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This weeks cards are from the Thelema Tarot by Renata Lechner.

If you chose the Page of Swords watch your tongue this week. The feeling I get here is that you should make sure you have all of the facts before you jump to conclusions on an issue. Also be mindful of gossip. If you feel you will speak in anger or this a recurring issue for you, stop and ask yourself what it is you really want to express? Your words are a weapon, use it wisely. Ask yourself, or your guides, how you can improve your communication skills with the lessons any angry feelings bring up for you.

If you chose the Knight of Cups ask yourself if you are allowing anger or resentment to drive your emotional state at the moment. This Knight is often on a quest for happiness and fulfilment. Are your frustrations with this quest in your own life preventing you from finding it? Take a look at how any anger here can be turned to compassion, for others and yourself. Protecting your heart is healthy, surrounding it in a ring of fire is not.

If you chose the Ace of Cups it appears you have the opportunity for some real deep healing here. How open are you to expressing your less desirable feelings like anger? This card is asking me to tell you to let it out, embrace the feelings , shout, cry, then breathe and you will begin to move on into a much happier heart space. The prettiest flowers grow after the rain and you are about to bloom again. I have no idea who just whispered that last part in my ear by the way!

As always I'd love to know how this resonates for you.

Have a wonderful week and a blessed Easter holiday.


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