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First thoughts: Soulful Woman Guidance Cards.

Oracle, review

I'd not bought a new deck in a while as there just hasn't been anything that really jumped out at me and asked me to take it home lately. Then a couple of days ago I stumbled across the Soulful Woman Guidance Cards: Nurturance, Empowerment and Inspiration for the Feminine Soul online and had to have them. Rather than a review as such, here's my first thoughts.

The deck is written by Shushann Movsessian and Gemma Summers who are both psychotherapists with interest in women's psychology and spirituality. The cards are stunningly illustrated by 26 different artists.

Now I normally don't enjoy decks where there is more than one artist or different styles are used, but here they blend together so well into the overall energy and feel of the deck. It speaks with one voice, a communal voice. The art styles are distinctive but do not distract from the decks message or vie for attention with each other. I really like that.

The overall feel I mention is very positive and uplifting. If you've known me for more than 5 minutes you'll know I'm not much of a girly girl. I don't do fluffy bunnies glitter and rainbows. When I say this deck is positive, it is not any of those things. It does not feel light and fluffy, it feels powerful. The cards are designed to help us connect to the Sacred Feminine, our inner wisdom and primitive essence as women and looking through them and feeling them in my hands I can see how this will work. I already feel uplifted!

Each card has a number, name and short affirmation. There is a guide book which includes longer versions and ideas for use. All of the affirmations are in the first person, the 'I am' voice. This to me makes them perfect for those times when we need a little reminder of own power or a mantra to help us get through a tough day. The guide book also includes an index of the artists with bios for each as well as the authors. One of the first things I did was look to see who had drawn which card and I will be looking at their individual sites to check out their other work. I was glad to see that information included. It adds to the deck's feel of community and sisterhood.

The card stock is nice, not too heavy or too thin and they are a nice size. Some oracle and guidance decks are so large! The backs are plain red with an attractive gold flower design. The box is sturdy and should last which another plus for me. I can't be doing with a flimsy box! It is my pet hate next to poor card stock.

It is near impossible for me to pick a favourite card. One may set itself out in time, but for the moment there's several I feel especially drawn to.

'Princess Charming' asks us to remember we can take the reins and save ourselves, no Prince required. 'Uniquely Myself' reminds us we are exactly who we are supposed to be and with 'Soul's Journey' we surrender to divine manifestation. The themes of embracing change and dealing with anger are also dealt with beautifully.

On my first meeting with these cards there is little if anything to fault. I love them as much as I hoped I would. I'm going to really enjoy getting to know them. They will also be ideal for the April challenge on the chakras I'm co-hosting with Lisa Frideborg in our facebook group.

I am woman, here me roar!


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