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Free week ahead reading.

Hiya! I usually post on these on my face book page but thought I'd do it on the blog today for a change up. With the New Moon moving us into Aries there will be lots of impulsive energy around so I'm sure it won't be just me feeling the need to shake things up a little.

Anyway!, You popped in for the week ahead card draw, so here it is.. Choose which card you are most drawn to and scroll down for a message to take with you this week.

I'm using the sumptuous Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Moseley today.

Have you chosen?

Time to scroll down then..

No peeking! ( I see you at the back)

Oracle, Reading

The first card is 'Gentleness'.

Are you gentle? Do you show it too often or too little? If you are tempted this week to act in anger or be harsh, try to remember gentleness and her softer approach. Life can get on top of us all, so this card can also be a reminder to be gentle with yourself . "There is nothing stronger in this world than gentleness'' -Han Suyin.

The second card is 'Patience'.

This card asks us to trust in the bigger picture and if you are that way inclined, divine timing. Stop worrying about things not happening quickly enough or the way you would like them to and enjoy what is, warts and all before the moment passes. That's not to say rest on your bum, but try not to worry so much about whats not happening yet that you can't enjoy the now.

The last card is 'Perception'

What colours your perception at the moment? Is the past or an ideal view of things clouding your view of a situation? Be aware that all may not be what it seems through these lenses and take a step back. You intuition will know the way forward.

I'd love to hear how these messages apply to you this week.

Until next time,


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