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Celebrating the 3 of Cups.

Waite-Smith 3 of Cups. Copyright U.S Games. All rights reserved.

Joy, abundance, celebration, these are just a few of the words that spring instantly to mind when we think of the 3 of Cups. It really is one of the nicest cards to come across in a reading. It's quite hard to look at it and not smile.

The image here, from the Waite-Smith deck shows 3 ladies dancing in a circle, each raising their glass, or cup in this case, in a toast or libation. A cornucopia of fruit and greenery is at their feet. Good wine, good company and good food..what more could they want?

If I close my eyes I can almost hear the music they dance to, moving faster and faster until they fall down laughing. The colours of their dresses I associate with innocence (white), optimism (yellow)and happiness (orange). There is a pure and simple grace to this card that few others can match.

When it appears in a reading we know things are moving forward. 3 is a number of creation, like the Empress. In the 2 of Cups we see two lovers, or friends, coming together to drink from each others cups.

The water the cups hold is creativity, love, friendship, support. In the 3, a third cup is added, we extend our offering of, I guess you could describe it as the contents of our heart chakra, to our wider circle. Come drink with us we say! Share our joy!

In a reading the 3 of Cups can represent anything from news of a baby or wedding, a birthday party, a happy friendship, to community activities. The connecting element will be sharing and celebrating, be it news or camaraderie.

How can we invoke this cards energy and bring it into our daily lives? Here are some suggestions.

Invite a friend or two over for a cuppa and a chat.

Pick up the phone and share something you're happy about with a relative.

Throw a party.

Pop on some music and have a bop around the living room.

Join or start a support group or local class.

Start a creative project.

Count your blessings.

Do something fun, just for the hell of it!

Ask your cards where you can best channel the energy today.


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