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Why he's not coming back and what to do about it.

Failed relationships, the vast majority of us have had one. It hurts like all hell when things go wrong in love, there's no doubt about that.

One of the most common questions asked of Tarot readers is will he (or she) come back to me? With the planet of lurrve, Venus, currently in retrograde until early next month, there is likely to be more sad souls wondering where it all went wrong than ever too!

If you are currently one of them, then dear heart, this post is for you.

The truth is the answer to the question is probably no, they are not coming back. They very rarely do and then it is even more rarely a good idea. I feel most seekers already know this in their heart of hearts. It can be difficult to see past the pain the ex partner has caused you to a happier future without them in this moment though and that is why people turn to the cards, for comfort and reassurance that their life is not over.

Chances are you don't really want them to come back to you either! There will be a reason that the relationship went wrong and it is still going to be there. Things extreme enough to break you up will not have changed in the matter of days or weeks you have been apart and they are not likely to any time soon.

I'm not trying to dash your hopes here, or be a pessimist but realistically the dodo has died and it is time to move on to better and brighter things.

So, what can you do about it and how can the Tarot help? First things first, let's wipe those tears and have a cup of tea. Decide right now that this person will get no more of your thoughts and energy.

Now, try to shift your focus from trying to figure out what went wrong with this now past relationship to what can be done to make sure the next one is better. Make a note of the questions you would like to ask your cards, or your reader if you don't read for yourself. Think about how you can grow from the experience rather than what you feel you have lost. I can't promise it will be easy but it will be worth it.

Here are some suggestions for questions that I feel will serve you far better in the long run than 'is he coming back ?' You'll notice that they all focus on you. That's because whatever the reason the relationship failed, you can only influence and take responsibility for your part and your own growth.

  • What can I do to attract a more suitable partner in future?

  • What do I need to work on to be a better partner?

  • What lessons can I take from this relationship about myself?

  • What lesson from this relationship will be most useful in the next?

  • How can I begin to heal ?

These questions and the resulting readings will help you to heal and move on as well as help you to grow as a person and a partner.

We all hear about the 'one that got away', lets make this one you're glad buggered off! I certainly feel that way about one of my exes in particular.

Don't forget to love yourself, be patient and remember that they didn't deserve someone as sexy and fabulous as you anyway ;)

Blessings ,


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