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The Spring Flowers Spread

This time of year we can tend to find ourselves especially focused on personal new beginnings. We spring clean our houses, go back on our diets, decide to stop smoking or take a class in something we had not given much thought to before. Spring can literally put a spring in our steps as this energy builds up towards the equinox later in the month. We feel the urge to change and be reborn.

Good intentions are all well and good but what do we do if the momentum we start with begins to flag? We are bound to face an obstacle or two eventually too, how do we plan to handle them?

I recently created a little spread called 'Spring Flowers' to look at a goal from the first seed of thought and how we can nurture it to manifestation. The positions are designed to give guidance on where we can find support or how we can support ourselves, what obstacles we may come across so that we can be prepared to deal with them, and where the need for this change is stemming from.

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1- The seed - What I want to achieve. 2 - The Root - Why I need or want this? 3 - Petals - What will aid me? 4 - Pests - What will hinder me?

For the first position you can choose a card consciously before shuffling for the rest of the spread, or shuffle for them all and let the deck decide how it will represent your chosen goal.

As a little sample of how the spread reads, here is a reading I did for myself with it.

I've struggled with my weight all of my adult life and really want this to be the year I finally crack it. I asked 'How can I achieve my weight loss goals this year?' I chose to let the cards decide how to show my goal.

The deck is the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot.

Seed: 5 of Pentacles - I want to over come some of my current physical challenges and limitations. I want to improve my quality of life as I can currently feel quite excluded from my peers because of my limitations and health. I can feel this lack of fulfilment deeply and become a little woe is me about me. I want to stop letting ill health and weight gain be something that happens to me, or just is and take control again.

Root: Queen of Swords - Why do I really want this? Because I know damn well I need to, says the Queen of Swords! It's time to cut the shit now Sandra and get on with it. I understand that it is time to do something for myself for once and cut out those old behaviour patterns out like the carbuncle they are.

Petals : Page of Pentacles - I can help myself here by starting fresh and going back to basics. I need to treat every day like the first day and take baby steps. Steady progress and long term changes are needed here rather than rushing in. The way he is holding the Pentacle so far away from himself triggers the thought that I need to remember that my weight.. is not me. I must not let it define me.

Pests: Strength -The obstacles I will face towards this goal are lack of will power and lack of compassion for myself. Being strong doesn't mean we don't make mistakes, it means we can forgive ourselves when we do. I must not be too hard on myself.

I also looked at the shadow which was the 10 of Cups and the quint or associating major, which was Death.

The 10 of Cups as shadow makes a lot of sense to me. I have allowed myself to find emotional contentment and comfort in food. I realise though this must come to an end and this realisation has brought forth the Queens sword of rationality.

Death as the lesson of this spread is a great reminder that it really is time to let go of these ways I hold myself back and allow myself to become who I am supposed to be next. I do also take note here that if I don't make these changes I am putting my own mortality on the line.

As you can see, this spread does go quite deep. I would love to know how you find it if you choose to give it a go. Alternatively, If you would like me to read it for you, it will be available on my readings page for a limited time.

Until next time,


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