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Is bigger always better?

Well in some cases, like wine bottles and chocolate bars, yes, bigger is most certainly better ;) but in the case of Tarot spreads? perhaps not.

I have noticed many beginner readers seem to go straight for the Celtic Cross and other larger spreads when they first start out. The Celtic Cross is probably the spread most new readers, and even many non readers think of when they picture a Tarot reading and how it should be. It feels 'legit' somehow. Visit any Tarot group on Facebook on any given day and there will be at least one poster needing help with a reading they are not ready for. This can be just as frustrating for those of us trying to help as the poster themselves.

More cards does not necessarily mean a better reading however and can quickly lead to confusion as with these poor lost CC posters. In Tarot, less is often more. Especially when you are learning.

Tarot cards

I am big fan of 3 card spreads. They are in my opinion a readers best friend, especially a new reader. They are extremely versatile, the possibilities for positions are endless. Some examples are :









The only limit here is your imagination. These spreads are also ideal for getting straight to the heart of a situation without having to wade through lots of extra detail. Detail is great of course, some situations need deep exploration too, but sometimes you just need an answer, quick and dirty.

That's not to say that you cannot go deep or explore much with a smaller spread, you can if choose to. Everything you need to know will be there for you to peel back the layers of meaning to find. As a learner you are less likely to get confused and feel disheartened by a smaller spread. Spreads like the CC are great, but do take some study of how the positions interact to read well.

So, next time you want to do a reading, think about giving the smaller spreads some love rather than reaching straight for the big guns. Your brain and your fellow group members will thank you for it.


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