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The Autumn Harvest Spread

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Tarot , Tarot Reading

Hello September! If you’ve known me a little while you’ll probably know that I absolutely adore Autumn, my favourite season by far. I’m not a morning person in any shape or form as friends will readily agree I’m sure, but realising it is September 1st has set me off smiling for the day today.

Ok, so I may be getting a little ahead of myself as it is still hot outside having been August only yesterday, but I can almost smell the crisp morning air and warm cosy evenings. Ahh Bliss.

Autumn, or Fall as our American friends prefer to call it, is traditionally associated with the harvest season. From Pagan celebrations to the Harvest festival services held in many UK schools, it is a time for reflecting on what we have achieved and sharing our fruits with others.

September is an important month to me when it comes to personal achievement and gratitude. It is the month I married my partner in crime who I could not be who I am without, as well as the month I came out of the other side of a major Tower energy experience 4 years ago. Both I am endlessly grateful for, although the Tower was not anywhere near as pleasant and didn’t come with cake or a pretty dress ;) It is my favourite month aside from October ,and Halloween of course, but will always be a bittersweet one. It reminds me of my own mortality and all I am thankful for being and having.

What are you grateful for today? Is there something you have been working on internally or externally that you can now begin to reap the benefits of?

As well as helping us to set our intentions, Tarot can help us follow them through their development to our own period of harvest and reflection. Here is a quick spread called ‘Autumn Harvest’ to take a look at your goals development.

Please let me know if you use and like it. I may add my own reading a little later. Right now I’m off to daydream of cider and leaf piles.


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