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4 Reasons not to have a Tarot reading!

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There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding Tarot. You have probably heard a lot of them. Much progress has been made in bringing Tarot into the light as the valuable tool for guidance and healing it truly is, but many negative views and beliefs around it still persist today. When I tell a new friend or acquaintance that I read am a Tarot reader they will often reply with one of the 'reasons not to have a reading' I'm about to talk about in this post.

Some of these worries result from family and religious upbringing, others from the stereotype of the fortune teller and tall dark strangers, the media and horror movies have their influence also. All of these beliefs however, stem from unnecessary fear of the unknown, however deep down it is rooted.

''I don't want to know my future''

Here we have that fortune teller image I mentioned. It's quite commonly believed that all Tarot and Psychic readers predict the future and that's just not so. It is my belief that no one can tell you what your future holds. We are not born with a pre-mapped destiny that we cannot change. There may be some key points that are fated yes, but the majority of it we create ourselves as we go about our lives.

What a Tarot reading can do, is guide you in making the best choices for you as you create your own future and help you to feel empowered and in control of your life. Think of it as common sense advice from a wise old auntie, with a spiritual twist!

Often the likelihood of an outcome can be assessed, but anything that comes up as energy coming your way can almost always be changed by your actions and choices.

''What if you tell me something terrible!?''

I'm yet to meet someone who wants to hear that bad things are going to happen to them so this is quite a natural concern. Rest assured though that no ethical reader is going to tell you 'terrible things'. I will not predict death, tell you are going to get divorced, your partner is cheating or you will grow old alone with only your 45 cats for company. The whole point of a reading is to give you power not take it away.

If a reading does show anything of concern around you a good reader will focus on what you can do it about and never leave you feeling worried or upset. Many readers have an ethics statement on their website which you can read before booking a session. You can read mine here. If you cannot find the ethics of your chosen reader in writing, I would strongly suggest asking for them before you go ahead with a reading.

''What you tell me might not come true''

If your reading has not 'came true,' you need to ask yourself if you took the advice given by the cards and acted upon it. If you ask for instance about your love prospects and I pull positive cards, that does not mean that your Prince or Princess charming is going to suddenly appear in your bedroom. You still have to go out and meet them.

The cards show possibilities and energetic influences that you can choose to go with or not. You have to play your part in manifesting the things you want in life and take some responsibility. ''The cards are evil and will bring me bad luck''

The cards,Tarot or otherwise, are just that,card. They are about as evil as a bacon sandwich. They will not attract luck to you whether good or bad and you certainly can not make something happen just by drawing a certain card in a reading. Tarot cards feature symbols and images that trigger the intuitive part of our brain. There are times a reading will simply reflect back to you what you already know about a situation to affirm your thoughts or decisions. There are no evil spirits or forces involved, just you, your higher self and your personal guides.

Are there any other misconstrued beliefs about Tarot you would add here. Have I answered or raised questions for you? Let me know in the comments, Blessings,


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