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Tea and Tarot with Sg Frindle.

Tarot , Tarot Reading

This week I was joined by Sg Frindle for virtal tea, cake and Tarot talk.

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Sg Frindle has been studying Tarot since the early 90's, collects Tarot books, and still has no claim of being close to mastery. You'll find her in The webs on Facebook, Twitter, or supporting her habit.

You can read her Taroty thoughts and blog letters at The Tarot You Know.

Hey Sg, thanks for joining me today! I do have to ask the big question first of all.. What cake would you like with your tea?

Pepperidge Farm Frosted Banana Cake, thank you for asking! You have fairly recently joined the Tarot blogging community with ‘The Tarot You Know'. What inspired you to start the blog? I am a fan already and love your quirky insights.

Thank you for your kind words! I read many Tarot blogs, and while I love deep metaphysical or historical insight, I just wanted a valve where I could just talk about how Tarot talked with me that minute I understand that need for a valve, definitely! You often share your ‘Taroty thoughts’ with us. What’s the most unusual, or funniest one you’ve had?

Taroty Thoughts are like the ones you have in the shower, sort of "Where did that come from?" I really enjoyed 'What card are robots represented by?' No one really had thought before about it that I can tell!

You'll have to share your conclusions on that one! I'd go with a Swords card I think. You are trapped on a desert island with one other Tarotist, who you most like it to be?

Oh wow, just one? I really 'felt' Tarot reading Gail Fairfield's "Choice Centered Tarot" (re titled currently as Everyday Tarot) I think we would have enough conversation and power between us to not stay trapped for long :-)

You can completely redesign one Tarot card making any changes you’d like. Which would you choose and why?

Hitting with the great questions! The Hierophant and The Devil are the two with the most contention- I do think the Hierophant could be better served named as "Instruction" without all the dogma as in current cards. The Legacy of the Divine" card "Faith" is a better start. The Hierophant has always struck me as a little stuffy! Out of your current deck collection which is your favourite? One you’d love to own?

Favorite like my best friend is my RWS. To own, I am looking forward to the Dust II Onyx from Courtney Alexander Great choice! What’s your favourite Tarot related experience to date?

The moment I realized a spread is optional. I was giving a reading to a woman, and was going to lay out the Celtic Cross (the only one I knew, this was 20 years ago) and instead, with the question in mind, just placed a few cards down and just READ them. It was one of the most affirming moments that the books can only give so much.

That's wonderful. The books really are just like training wheels aren't they. Do you have any other projects up your sleeve for us?

I'd like to have more blogs- one dedicated to Tarot Magick at least. I'd also like to create just a clean lined, minimalist deck, even if it's just for me. I'll look forward to reading. Last but not least, the biggest lesson Tarot has taught you is?

The adage has proven true for me- It really is from within, and cannot be found from the outside

Thanks so much for stopping by Sg, it's been lovely talking to you.

Thank you so much for asking me to take part in this interview!

Tune in next time to see who's brain I get to pick over tea! Until then,

Tarot on!


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