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Notes from the Reading Room : A Sample Love reading.

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As a Tarot reader I'm sometimes asked to share samples of how I work, and that's what this blog post is all about. A client I shall call 'M' for her privacy has volunteered to share this reading I did for her with you.

'M' was having some difficulties in her relationship with her partner, 'P'. She wanted to know how to begin to heal things between them as well as better identify the areas of hurt. She explained she wasn't sure quite which part of her that her pain was coming from.

I used a 6 card layout to look at this for her.

How M has been hurt by P- The Devil and The Hanged Man

How P has been hurt by M- Ace of Swords and The Emperor

Guidance for moving forward - King of Cups and Ace of Wands

Here is the guidance I gave from these cards.

'I also like to look at the base card which shows the energies that have lead up to the current situation. In this case I have the 5 of Swords. This reflects that there has been conflict between you , particularly in words. Arguments may have become spiteful in an attempt to be the winner, but in the end neither will have got any real satisfaction from hurting the other. I also feel that you may be on different pages when it comes to what you want from life at the moment and this will have contributed to your current issues.

With the main cards I felt drawn to lay them as I have rather than use a set spread. The first two cards are for insight on how you yourself have been hurt. You said you have been unable to make sense of where the hurt lies for you and that confusion shows here. You feel as though you have stepped out of the devil’s grip, only to be turned on your head as the card visuals show, also Earth and Water (the elements of the cards) of course make mud! Not much clarity to be had there! I feel you have been hurt deeply in the ego part of you represented by the Devil, but also the deeper subconscious, that part of the brain that takes us off on wanders through strange shores in our dreams. You have tried to to put P first and see things from his point of view but that has not been easy for you. Do you do dream work/journeying or journal your dreams M? You may find guidance there. You are both very strong personalities, you the stronger.

The second pair of cards shows how P has been hurt. These 2 cards add up to 5 and I feel it is he rather than you who has felt defeated in the 5 of Swords shadow and the conflicts between you recently. The Emperor can be quite set in his ways and likes his boundaries. The Ace of Swords I would say is an idea or truth, from you that has caused him to become defensive and put his walls up. He wants to do things his way and is not too welcoming of change. He can become stubborn and inflexible. He may feel a little threatened by the strength of your opinions. It looks as though you both like to be in charge of the relationship and can butt heads! Is there something at the moment that neither of you are willing to back down on that is stopping you from moving forwards together?

Guidance for moving forward comes from the King of Cups and the Ace of Wands.

This is going to sound a little cliche but from these cards it looks as though you need to take things back to the beginning. Start with a good old heart to heart, tell him how you feel M ,but without allowing yourself to become upset or overly emotional. The spark needs to be rekindled and I feel here it’s the emotional connection that’s needed before the physical. Open up. Why do I get the feeling that making yourself that available emotionally isn’t easy for you?

I do feel that the two of you can work things out in time, just carry on loving each other. I also feel that your relationship will evolve to the next level if you choose to stay together, it will grow deeper and stronger.'

M kindly gave the following feedback on the reading:

'Thanks to Sandra's input I was able to dig into the trouble of my relationship more efficiently and to understand my own hurt.

Her reading has been a turning point for me and it has helped immensely during my crisis, becoming a valuable tool and reference to help me implement the necessary changes that are resulting in tangible improvement of my romantic situation.'

It seems repairing things between M and P will take some time but I'm glad to have been able to help her find some clarity and a starting point.

If you would like to find out more about my readings you can do so here.



*Deck credit- Thelema Tarot , (C) Lo Scarabeo

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