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Why free readings are NOT for the spiritual good.

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I'm a bit cross this morning after reading a conversation in a Facebook group about how it's 'wrong' to charge for Tarot readings as it's a 'gift' and as such should be shared freely etc etc ad nauseum. One poster went as far to say those who charge for spiritual work such as Tarot and healing are charlatans!

There was me, not even on my first cuppa, with steam coming out of most of my orifices! I was good though and managed to make my point with no rude words whatsoever despite some pretty creative ones popping into my head. Those who know me personally will know how inventive I can get with a swear ;)

A lot of Tarot readers, Mediums, Psychics and Alternative healers are still caught up in the limiting belief that they should give their services for free. They may feel it is the right thing to do as they are helping others and being so generous, but I'm going to tell you why I think it really isn't the best thing for either the reader or the client.

I can't speak for all readers here of course, but most were definitely not born able to fully comprehend the complex language that is Tarot and be able to apply it to all life situations in a meaningful and empowering way! We also were not gifted our ethical standards, ability to read clients body language, counselling skills, and so much more that being a reader requires.

What we may well be born with is a talent towards intuition, empathy or other 'psychic' abilities. This is the same as being born with a talent for singing.. you still need training, practice, lessons. A singer can spend years honing and developing their 'gift'. The same is true for a Tarot reader.

Personally I have a strong natural sense of intuition and I am clairsentient. I still needed to put in work to learn not only how to read Tarot, but to implement it in the best way possible for my clients according to their needs. This is a life long process of personal and professional development.

The reasoning that Tarot reading should be offered free as it is a gift is rather belittling of the hard work put in by readers on their skills and experience. I also feel it takes away from the credibility and respectability of the profession as a whole. How can we succeed in having Tarot recognised and accepted as a form of guidance and emotional healing in the mainstream when there are so many people still negating the value by saying it should be free?

When we don't charge for our time, skill, talent and energy we are saying that our service has no value and does not need or deserve to be respected. Surely we want to make as many people as possible aware of how legitimately helpful Tarot is in improving our lives and those of others around us?

There is also the issue of boundaries and energy. When you are constantly giving you drain yourself and people just expect more from you, like vampires. That's not healthy for anyone involved. I'm not even getting into the business side with what we have to pay in insurances, domain hosting, accountants and other expenses.

From the client perspective, how can they be sure whether they are getting a highly skilled, ethical reader they can trust if the reading is free? Why should they value your time and skills if you don't value them enough to charge a fair fee? A Tarot reading is not a favour or a parlour trick it is a valuable professional service. Please treat it as such.

You may be thinking, but Sandra, you post up a free reading right here on your blog each week and give them away sometimes. Yes. Yes I do. The readings I post on my blog are a little general taster of the week ahead's energy for my subscribers. They are not a personal, private guidance session. To me there is a big difference between a free taster so people can get to know you and see if you are right for them and a free private reading.

Once a month I give away a free reading on my Facebook page. That is a full private email session. Again this is as taster of my work and I do like to give a little back to my page supporters too.

I'm not saying you should never give a free reading ever! If you are moved to, do so. It is nice to give once in a while. Free readings are good for beginners to get some practice too as long as they clearly state they are starting out.

Please however, cut out the crap about it being wrong or somehow less spiritual to charge. You really are doing more harm than good to the cause of bringing Tarot into better repute as well as not valuing yourself.

Off to raid the biscuit tin ,


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