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How to be a good client and not traumatise your reader.


In the Tarot community, we often speak of what makes a good Tarot reader. We talk of ethics, approach, and responsibility. We speak much less of what it means to be a good client. You can be the best reader you can be, but if the client sat before you is a nightmare of non communication or worse, how can you help them?

As readers we do also seek the counsel of other readers at times so these points will apply to us also. Are you a good client?

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts to help your reader out a little and improve the experience of having a reading for both of you.

Do Be willing to interact with your reader. Whilst it is of course possible to over share, it helps a lot if you view the reading as a two-way experience and give some input. This applies more to face and phone readings than by e-mail. Sitting arms crossed in stony silence will waste the time and energy of you both and achieve little. Be an active participant rather than a passive observer.

Tarot Reading

Do Be honest. If your reader asks you a question about something they see in the cards, it won’t help either of you to lie or give only half the truth. This is your reading. You want the best guidance you can get and that will take honesty.

Do Have a clear idea of what you want to ask about or explore in the reading. This will save you both time and help your reader to direct the guidance of the cards to where you most need it.

Do Give feedback. It can be a little disheartening for a reader to spend time on an e-mail reading for you only to never hear if you liked it. If you can take a few moments to send a note saying how you found the reading it will be appreciated. Try to include some specifics on what you found especially accurate or helpful.

Many readers both face to face and email have a testimonials page or listing somewhere you can leave a comment or rating also such as Yelp.

So how about those Don'ts?

Don't 'Test' your reader. They are not there to read your mind or prove themselves to you. They are there to guide you, please show them the respect of helping them do so.

Don't Be tempted to read the cards yourself or argue with the readers interpretation. You have asked for their insight, its just rude to totally ignore it.

I hope most of you reading this already follow these little tips of client etiquette, but if you don't why not give them a try on your next reading?

Are there any more points you would add?


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