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The Tower: Catastrophe or Catharsis?

We've all done it, let out a gasp or a sigh when our eyes fall on The Tower card standing there in our card spread, loud and proud. It's energy is a strong one and yes it does mean you're in for a bumpy ride.. but does that necessarily have to be a bad thing?

I was reading an article yesterday on the 'Top 10 Cards for Healing' and I was quite surprised to see that The Tower got no mention at all. With all 78 cards being capable of facilitating healing, narrowing down a 'Top 10' is not an easy task or one I'd want to take on for various reasons, but I digress.

When I see mention of using the cards for healing it is so often only some of the more 'positive', shiny cards that get a look in. I'm talking about The Star, The Sun, Temperance, the Ace of Cups and so on. Occasionally Death will get a mention. Whilst there is nothing wrong with these cards or using them to help guide change in your life, they do I feel however, leave some of the harsher lessons of life unlearnt.

The Tower to me is a card of catharsis. To begin the healing process we need to first clean away the debris of what is harming us. Would you stitch a wound that still had glass in it? I know I would not. Sometimes we need to clean the slate and make room for healing to begin. Sometimes having our beliefs or ideals rocked to their foundations is exactly what we need. Sometimes we need the universe to give us an almighty kick up the arse!

A personal Tower moment came for me in 2013. I had been smoking heavily despite having worsening asthma. Attempts to quit were often half hearted and always failed. I did want to, I just couldn't muster up the willpower I needed. I did not care enough about my heath or myself as a whole if I'm brutally honest. I didn't love myself enough to stop self harming in this way.

Anyway, one day in August that year everything changed. I had an asthma attack that seemed no different to any other. That is until I woke up in the intensive care unit of my local hospital attached to a ventilator almost a week later. I had septic pneumonia and had very nearly died. The next couple of months was hard going but I was very thankful to still be alive and have all my functions. I escaped the whole ordeal with a bad memory and wonky eye. I had a new appreciation for life. I've not touched a cigarette since being given this huge second chance

It may sound strange when I say I'm thankful for the experience as well as coming through it. It helped me to break a pattern that I otherwise may never have broken and begin to make positive changes in my life.

That to me is the healing of The Tower. It pulls away our comfort zone and forces us to confront our wounds head on. It is not gentle or comforting it is harsh and raw. A baptism of fire, but healing none the less.

I still don't love myself as much as I should but I'm working on it and bringing in other positive changes now the door has been opened.


Butterfly, Tarot

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