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The Language of Tarot

Tarot Bags on a cloth

I am a collector of Tarot decks. They are my vice, my addiction. Occasionally, someone will ask me why I need so many. 'Don't they all do the same thing?' 'Surely you only need one?'

Well..this has got me to thinking on quite why I do need more than one deck, let alone 50 + with a wishlist as long as my arm. They do all serve the same purpose after all. The answer I feel is this. The Tarot is like a book, containing all the stories that ever were or ever will be written. They contain, myth, art and cultural archetypes. Each person who creates a deck, has their own expression of these stories and characters. They will each tell them from their own perspective and differently to the next person. Each deck has its own unique voice. If Tarot is a language, and I believe it is, the different decks are the accents and dialects that bring language to life.

Asking myself why I need more than one deck is like asking why there is more than one shade of green, or more than one word for love. Each deck brings something different to the table like the same picture painted in different colours or the same song in a different key. These nuances, sometimes subtle, sometimes more pronounced really do add so many different dimensions to a deck and subsequently, a reading. They all add a new level of understanding to a card, sometimes pointing out a facet or aspect you were yet to see.

When you find a deck that speaks to you, its very special. But until then, and even after then, get to know a few, you may be surprised at the secrets they whisper.


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