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Quick Keywords : The Majors

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This post will be part of a series for beginner readers to help as you get started on your Tarot journey.

Here are some of my personal keywords for the Major Arcana cards. It is a good idea to add your own and leave any of mine, or anyone else's, keywords that do not resonate with you. Remember, keywords are not rules or facts, they are intuitive triggers and memory prompts only.

Overtime as your relationship with each card develops your keywords will evolve.

The Fool - Potential, Innocence, New Beginnings

The Magician - Individuality, Talent, Will

The High Priestess - Intuition, Instinct, Secrets

The Empress - Creativity, Manifestation, Nurture

The Emperor - Boundaries, Leadership, Control

The Hierophant - Community, Tradition, Institution

The Lovers - Choice, Harmony, Higher Self

The Chariot - Determination, Emotional Intelligence , Self Discipline

Strength - Dignity, Compassion , Inner Strength

The Hermit - Reflection, Teaching, Wisdom

Wheel of Fortune - Luck, Cycles, Uncertainty

Justice - Fairness, Order , Universal Balance

The Hanged Man - New Perspective, Suspension, Delay

Death - Endings, Release, Transformation

Temperance - Moderation , blending, compromise

The Devil - Lower Self, Ego, Addictions

The Tower - Shock, Upheaval , catharsis

The Star - Healing, Hope, Self Belief

The Moon - Illusion, Dream State, Confusion

The Sun - Joy, Freedom, Happiness

Judgement - Calling, Rebirth

The World - Completion, End of Journey.

Next week I will start to look at the suits in turn, beginning with Cups.

Have a fabulous weekend,


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